Sunday, May 28, 2006

elephant trip!

eh you guys! post something larrr... garrrr... =D

well i must tell u about the elephant trip. i so hope HE doesn't come to this website.
ok . well u see, ren ee is a very smart girl. seriously!
she sat at the back row of the bus and yea i sat with her. HE came in late to the bus so the only empty seat was.... NEXT TO ME. woohoo! haha.. ok lar, so the bus started the journey to pahang. 1st hour .. HE was singing, doing all those nonsense lar. ok .. haha.. 2nd hour, ren ee and yueen mun ditch. er. no. went to talk to hazirah. so i decided to move to the inner seat cuz i wanted to sleep. then HE asked me "can i sit ere?" while pointing at the seat next to me. "like DER?!" said my heart but on the outside i said "yea.." so for one hour plus i had HE sitting next to me. *angels singing hallelujah*.. haha.. syahriman and ameen kept turning back to give me those i-know-you're-super-happy-where-you-are look. haha.. =D so ok. then we reached the elephant sanctuary. argh. not so good lar i would say 6/10. we just camwhored in there lar. haha.. anywayz yea.. so that was the elephant trip. after that was back to college. same position but different situation. Ren ee started talking to them and somehow we got engaged in this conversation about movies. haha.. pretty cool. his friends and HE and both of us. haha.. his friends are pretty funny lar. seriously. hehe.. then i took the opportunity to intro myself to him and vice versa. *moment of proud-ness* so yea, i had so much fun hehe.. =D

i'm come to this conclusion.
  1. He is very smart. no doubt.
  2. He's quite childish. "ayam kampung!! - village chicks " u get it right?
  3. He reminds me of a small boy.. "the sky crack then turn night. then crack again.."
  4. He's not that hot.

BUt I stiLL like. (60%) teehehe..

My quote for that day :

"My obsession but not my possession"



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