Friday, May 05, 2006

hogging the webby

posting up some pictures xin and ren ee just sent to me. pretty cool ones. haha.

are you ready..... hehe..

according to ameen we look like eating machines ere. haha.. class partay day. =D

ok i have no idea why ren ee took a picture of me, syah, chin ying and amin writing on the board. haha.. or is she taking of wei yang?!?! i dunno.. ren ee! explain! haha.. =D

[ girls : xin yu, adeline, ren ee, esther, desiree, yueen mun]
[ guys : zhi ven, wei yang and andrew]

Lastly the 10 very stressed people.. see the red stickers we have. it says " help fight stress!" haha..


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