Friday, May 05, 2006

Investigative Studies is official ova! =D

i finally handed up my esl project and now i am so free of it! yay! hehe..
had a sleepless night as most of u know.. did my project from 3pm till 5.30am the next morning!
then i had only half an hour to catch a 100 winks before i had to get ready to catch the bus..
oh.. but surprisingly i felt quite awake after catching 200 more winks on the bus. hehe.. =D
oh so we handed up our project today. such a nice feeling..
arghy-boo-boo. went for lunch with my dear mommy who came all the way to subang to pick me up. awwww.. =D
well she doesn't know about desmond getting 100% for maths. NOT GONNA TELL HER! hmph! haha... well i've gtg create the page for our winangali..winang-ali..winan-gali.. aiya however you speell it lar. teehehe.. hey 10 very strEsSeD pPl! i'vE got somEThiNg to sHow yOU! :D excuse my ugly drawing lar. haha.. complains will not be entertained! haha. =D

i think i draw too light ady. so can't really see some ppl. =D Well enjoy the word puzzle then! =D



Blogger chin ying said...

Esther, really salute you!!! if me sure die d lar.. 10 pm oso i start to get dizzy and 11 sure on the bed d lor..

5:52 PM  

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