Thursday, May 04, 2006!

oh. my...... goodness. (to say in bimbo way.)
i just had like the biggest shock on earth. no, seriously.
haha.. shucks man. there's something weird going on. you see right.. i was typing typing my esl presentation when suddenly the electricity got cut off. *moment of ultimate shockness* the moment the lights got on again, quickly on comp again.. luckily i could recover the document. omg. so happy. =D =D =D
anywayz i posted something just now dunno why it didn't come out. owhhh.. i know! i pressed save as draft instead of publish post! shoot. sorries. hehe.. =D well today ar. there was this super-chuned-monotonous-pavarotti-sounding-voice guy! fuuh.. "say you love me every night, each morning..." he is like soooooooo good! hehe.. =D well and i kena abused-insulted-belittled-so on by fong zhi ven. gosh. feel like really cooking him for my lunch lorrrrr... heard that?! haha.. my draft's his scribbling paper, my head's his 'basketball' , my nickname's his favourite insult. sigh. why oh why.. i wonder..hehe.. on the other hand, let him be lar. since xin yu lets me whack him back once in a while. why not. hehe.. =D GOOD LUCK FOR TMR'S TITRATION. I'm gonna be sooooo sleeppy tmr. trust me on this one. hehe. =D



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