Friday, May 26, 2006

shopping! shopping! shopping!

oh my gawd, i am like sooo happy.
mid term exams have just finished. oh my. i like so can't believe this.


today was a super fun day. after exams, we went to 1 utama! yay! me, zhi ven, xin yu, adeline and ren ee. first thing was to eat. haha.. dear adeline sooo hungry. hehe.. so went to kfc. then this we spotted this chinese guy who always likes to say "assalamualaikum" when he picks up the phone with his girlfriend! all of us just watch from a distance but "smart" zhi ven had to rushhh to him and greet him. haha.. kidding lar! hehe.. so yea walked around for a while with two couples trailing the singles. hehe.. did so much of shopping but bought nothing much for myself. damn. aiya wtv lar. can always go again. so yea, we departed at 3 or so to go our own ways and guess what? i survive the taxi trip home by myself! yeah! i'm a survivor. i'm gonna make it. i'm a survivor. keep on surviving! hehehehe.. YOU WILL NEVER GUESS WHO WE MET AT 1 utama. MR.YAP KL! aaaaaaaaaa..
"what you all doing ere ar?"
"err.. hi mr.yap.. shopping?!"
"after exam so free ar? ......*stuff i forgot*.. remember to study chem! "

hehehehe! well guys remember to blog during the holidays yeah! missing you guys already!!!!! =( SEE YA! LUV YA VERY BERRY MUCHOS! =D



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