Tuesday, May 02, 2006

the start of it all

finally a blog of our own. so happy. hehe..
first let me introduce you to the team of bloggers.
this is G1's website. it consist of :
a) Andrew Choo
b) Chow Xin Yu
c) Desiree Tee
d) Esther Tan
e) Fong Zhi Ven
f) Ng Chin Ying
g) Ng Wei Yang
h) Adeline Pek
i) Soh Yueen Mun
j) Teh Ren Ee.

so there you go. the 10 ppl that makes up for the 10 very stressed people. and mind u we are still very stressed with mid year and stupid dateline. so yea. that's it. luvya all! =D



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