Friday, May 05, 2006

Stress And Mad

Phew~ Finally left only Biology and Physic assigment! Sigh... but mid year exam is coming so soon!!! Only left two weeks! Crazy, don't even have time to take a breath. Those people who initiate this programme is definitely making a joke on the students. How could they just set the due date of assigment during the weeks of examination?? The duration between one examination to another is so near!! No wonder the students also get mad. SAM must be stand for "Stress And Mad" for all the students in SAM programme. Human, life in SAM is really tough. Can't imagine the life in SAM without this geng of crazy and stress people..hehe.. jk.. got stress but not crazy la~~
Stressful life make me fat... Is true!!! EAT is one of the method to destress for me. Coz when eating, you won't think of the homework and assigment that is like a mountain on your study desk. Ice-cream , chocolate, n tea time.. the best moment on the earth.
Coz of this SAM, i can't go out to play basketball anymore.. Man, i really miss basketball :(



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