Monday, May 08, 2006

Stress like hell~

I feel like screaming out all the f*** words now. PLs allow me to shout here " stupid idiot you, !@#$%^&*! Simply change my piano exam time! you spoilt my plan!!!!!!
Story go like that, i changed my piano teacher to my cousin this year since it is my final year, n to give an opportunity for my cousin. Since my cousin is a new teacher, he couldn't get to register for me for the Grade 8 piano exam. When he finally could, my younger sister plus my good buddy piano teacher had already register for me. OK fine then.. I told her that i want my exam to be in August and she said fine, she register August for me. I admit that i'm those who only will work hard when exam is near. So my plan was after finish the mid term exam, i will concentrate on my piano exam.
However, just now i got a message from my younger sister piano teacher, my piano exam is set on 19th of JUNE!!! I felt like crying and really shouting out all the f*** words for the 1st time. Man! I'm not ready yet u c, i tot i stil have 3 months to work on. N on 3 months time, i believe i can do it! But is now only left one month, and the mid year exam is going to be the main thing for the whole May, and my mom already fixed the one week holiday trip to China on the school holiday!!! I have no time to practice anymore, not even to the most simple okay standard. NOt even get the feel of the songs..
OMG!!! i really want to cry lar if my parents n cousin is not in the house. I already stress like mad coz of the assigment and mid year exam. N this news is like a strike on me, n i feel like dying.
N really shit her that she change my piano exam date. I really hate her!!! She spoilt my plan. The worst thing is i still have to face her every weekend bcoz of my younger sister lesson. My goodness, i can't guarantee i will be nice to her. coz i don even agree with her teaching method since she start teaching my younger sister. OH God!! I really felt so stress now.. except cry i really duno wat can i do anymore.



Blogger 冰冰-ping said...

hey ying..calm down how much u angry also no use d..coz is the fact u have to take the exam just relax and do ur best okie...although i can help u in that,i'll mentally support remember..if anything feel unhappy or wat..u can call me anytime..ok...just do ur best..i m sure the ying i know can do it...
ok..takecare and..stay happy...


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