Tuesday, May 23, 2006

x chem x maths ..

today back so early leh! teehehehehe.. =D
i'm a BIt hyPer as u can see..
juz came back from ikano. haha.. went with my friend and his mom to eat roti bakar!
i think it's the "milo ais" effect..
hahahahahahha.. ok ..

something happened to me before the exam.
u have to agree the you've heard a lot of snatch thief cases in your life right. I, Esther Tan, am definitely ultimately scared of them. when walking on the streets, i tend to keep my bag far away from where the motocyclist can grab it. fine. so today, i walked into college. suddenly wanted to check my phone so i did lar. suddenly someone TUGGED my bag. shoot. first instinct told me it was a snatch thief. wah... i seriously thought of performing some stunts like whacking the guy's head with my hp, chasing him and grab my bag.. but when i turn around, it was only... zhi ven.. >.< shucks! scared me! hehe.. oh well.. =D

ok lar. i've gtg. need to watch my dear idiot box which hasn't been on for so long.

ELEPHANT TRIP! WOOHHOOO! one day with the elephants and a very cute "elephant!"
teeheehehe.. =D

Good Luck For The Remaining 3 Papers peeps! =D



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