Friday, June 02, 2006

HeLLo From TayLors College!

man i'm bored. yeap. you saw it. i'm in taylors now.
followed the bus here considering i have no other ways of coming ere.. SIGH..
came to pay for my ielts workshop and also application for monash my.
arghhhhhh.. suxxors.
so early in the morning and i'm up and all dressed just to pay fees. ARgh!
well since taylors can't log into my xanga banga i'll just blog here.. hehehehe..
so how has the week been for you guys?
my week has been dead boring.. and i seriously mean it!
do msg me when you're free..
and oh yea, wei yang modified his car? fuuh.. not bad.. show me ar.! =)
well take care ppl.. missin ya very very very very very very berry berry berry much! =)
oh for the turtle trip ppl.. BLOG about it. I wanna know.. kekekeke.. =)

LUV YA! *hugs*
~eSther [dRew]


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