Friday, June 09, 2006

Where'd You Go?

Where'd You Go?
I miss You So.
Seems Like It's Been Forever
That You've Been Gone.

PpL! how come nvr blog ady leh... must be busy studying. kekeke. =) oh well.. i haven't been doing much myself. i know dee curled her hair (vy nice), yueen mun too (hvnt seen) and i was about to curl and highlight but seeing my mom, nahh.. don't think she'll let. *sigh* but u see, straight hair will soon be rare. =) Well, i'm still procastinating about my load of work i.e. physics draft, esl presentation and interviews. argh. somehow i feel like this holiday has been like a 'study leave' instead of a 'holiday' arrrghh.. oh well will leave you with some pictures =)

To My Dear 10 Stressed People, You'll NEVER Walk Alone until the day I leave this world. You always have me ok? =)

This is for you my dear Adeline! =) Sry the picture so cacated here. Can Go to my blog and get it =)

well ppl , enjoy the last few days of ur holiday and then it's back to crazy (fun) and hectic (bz) days. so take care yea! luv ya! hugs!



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