Monday, July 10, 2006

Germany vs. Portugal (3-1) .. Italy vs France (1-1 Italy won on penalties..5-3)

YEAH GERMANY! hahahahaha.. oh yea, in case you were wondering.. the post before this was written by Fzv. That uncle couldn't remember his password so used my account. =) anywayz i am SOOOOOOOO HAPPY THAT GERMANY GOT 3rdd. I was practically celebrating like a mad woman in front of the tv at around 5-ish. hahahaha.. =) some even commented that i was celebrating like germany won the world cup. hahaha.. but tt's all right. I love Bastian Schweinsteiger. Don't you? =)

the Man of the match lar! Scored 2+1 goals during the second half. And thanks to PETIT from POrtugal Germany was ahead of Portugal with 3 goals. The last one headed by some Portuguese guy which I shall not care what his name is was unavoidable! hehe.. KAHN played well too! hehe.. =)

This morning : Italy vs. France.

Materazzi.. hehehe.. ACtually France played quite well I presume but too bad Zidane got a red card at the end for headbutting poor Marco Materazzi. haihz. but anywayz, Azzurri! Fabio Grosso! Buffon! Materazzi! Francesco Totti! hahahahahaha.. =)

2010, I hope Brazil makes a biggggggg come back and for Germany, keep up the good work! POdolski you're the hope for the future! Klose and Ballack might not be there anymore. =(.. xin yu! :( :( .. hehe.. =) Well gtg, tmr's my interview with monashy. see yA! luv ya!



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