Saturday, November 10, 2007

update this blog!

OMG this blog is so dead already, let me liven it up:

Good evening ladies and gentlemen, welcome to tonight's edition of

"What Xin has been up to" live on MelbChannel

First up, we have an announcement from none other than Ms. Chow herself. She wishes to say "I miss my 9 very stressed friends!"

Yours truly here is done being a 1st year, whee!! *prances around shouting in glee*

Working in a mailout job now, boring boring, but it pays soooo well! Every hour my mind just goes "Ka-Ching! That's 22 dollars, thank you very much!"

Love the pay in Melbourne...

Can't wait to see you guys (and girls)!! Who will be back at the end of the year? I can make a trip up, probably end of Nov and another one in Jan, might be working for the whole of December, either at a community pharmacy or waitering at Vivo's. Oh joy.


Everyone please tell me when you'll be back and when is the best time to have a gathering, plus suggestions on where to hold the gathering please! Or just post on the blog!

Hopefully you all still read this blog....

Love you all loads!


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