Wednesday, May 31, 2006


Well, I hate to admit this!! Sorry DeeDee, I'm having fun for my 5 days hospital attachment! I felt so sorry that u actually felt boring la~~ ha. My attachment is super super fun. My doctor - Dr Foo rocks!! Dr Foo is a gynecologist. Fuuh. His business good like nobody business. =) Believe this or not, he has operation every day!! I mean everyday!!! But, I love it. Haha. Coz he brings me in whenever he does operation. Hey dude, it's not easy for a Pre-U student like me to enter OT [Operating Theater]. I need pass and permission from the hospital. See? That's why I say my doctor rocks... *beam* So far, I witnessed 3 surgeries, 3 mis-carriage cases, 1 natural birth! Upcoming events : 3 surgeries on Thursday and 2 Caesar operations on Friday. Muahaha, me Miss Teh Ren Ee, gonna be bored of surgeries and OT soon!! =)

By the way, everytime I enter OT or meet any other specialists or Dr Foo friends, this will happen!!
Anyone : So, you are the junior doctor who unders Dr Foo now?
Me : *choked* I'm not a doctor!
Anyone : Oh, really? Then u must be a medic student then! Which Uni ur studying now?
Me : *blushed* I'm not a medic student! I'm only a pre-u student.
Anyone : *give me the O mouth* OHHHHH! I see. Ur a pre-u student? Uh huh!

Well, gtg. Will update u guys with more info soon!! bye miss ya!!!


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