Monday, May 29, 2006

im so lazy to blog!! i am not a blogger type like esther, hahaa.. esp when i have nothin to sae.. lol.. anyway, i went for my hosp attachemtn todae.. it was quite ok in the begining, but then after that everything was soooo boring!! hahaa.. reali ler.. andrew and i just sat down there starin into the the ceiling.. haihz..

glad esther enjoyed her trip.. HAHA, I WONDER WHO IS THE HE... stil not reali glad bt goin for the trip because
1.i waste thursdae till monday..
2.i have to sleep on the sand??
3.i have to risk getting bitten by snakes!!!

buden, takkan i pull out now lar.. sigh! all esther fault lar, keep saying can go cannot go, make me got hope so din pull out sooner or later, then last minute oni sae canot... =( stupid esther!!! hmph..

aiyar.. i go ade lar, tomoro got another attachment, hope it will b interesting! hehe


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