Monday, July 03, 2006


After the mid term holiday, everyone lazy to post. (According to someone) Normally got internet at home, lazy to online, now my modem spoilt d only i want to online and post.. haha.. stupid.. Sigh~ My computer not yet ok, at my friend's house now.
Tomorow is my tutoriol, really scare that Mr. XXX will ask me something that i don't even understand his question.. lolx... found a good idea to refuse answer his question.teach by a friend. "Sorry, this is out of my scope." Blablabla~~~ just let it go like that... lolx.. that MR XXX really our fear lar...
Tutoriol.. tutoriol... everyone get nervous.. and shit things is----------- i not yet prepare, not yet memorize and not yet finalized my presentation.. PLUS, i still in my friends house.. haha..
Still got few of us not yet over tutoriol.. So all of us must GAMBATE!!! add OIL !!


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