Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Great Job Ppl

to : the cast for 'the themepark'

so sorreee dis is so l8 ... i meant 2 gif y'all individual statements but i've been sooooooooo busy wif academic crap ... yes, ct3 is called academic crap ... anyway, i thought all of u were brilliant on the 3rd of aug ... despite technical errors & minor slips ... we did well ... gr8 effort put in by the guys ... i think the deserve credit 4 dancing as well as acting ... most important of all, it was gr8 headind a production wif u ppl ... eventhough it wuz highly stressful ... not 2 mention sum tension points ... u ppl shud be proud of urselves ...

from : ur 'no - longer' director =)

ps : i've updated my blog ... turned it around ... gave it a new theme ... can go check it out by clicking the link on the right of dis page ... blech, i'm advertising my blog ... yuck, lol ...


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